Capital Punishment: not everything is black and white

death-penalty-croppedCapital punishment, often considered as a deterrent in case of serious heinous crime is a misplaced concept. Same has been retorted by UN on multiple occasions. Also, capital punishment as a tool for retributive justice is also not true. In this context, people (especially the pro-capital punishment preachers) fail to fathom that life imprisonment without remission  or remand is as strong or as hard a punishment for the convicted as is capital punishment. However, in the former punishment, the convict gets a chance to reflect on his mistake and more often than not, rues the missed chance to lead a better life. The jail time often leads to self evaluation and there has been numerous examples of convicts coming out refined and ready to lead a civic life after the jail term is over. Hence, we as a society has to decide which path we choose to met out justice, as the saying goes- “It is not sufficient enough that justice is served, it must also appear so.”


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